The curriculum of the IDE bachelor is such that a substantial amount of sustainability teaching happens within modules with a wider context. These are:

Next to that several master topics and electives are taught:

Master Integrated Product Design / Design for Interaction / Strategic Product Design

Master Integrated Product Design

Master Sustainable Energy Technology

Special annotation "Technology in Sustainable Development"

Students with a particular interest in sustainability can choice to follow a special track in their masters, which will lead to a annotation with your degree (i.e. a separate certificate with your diploma, specifying your specialisation in sustainability). The annotation is open to all* TU Delft master students that intend to integrate sustainable development into their graduation project. The graduation annotation covers both broader and deeper knowledge regarding Sustainable Development (SD) and technology. Sufficient depth is achieved by the demand that SD has to be a core issue in the graduation project. Within each department, a so-called ‘SD referent’ with specific expertise will assess the graduation project regarding the way SD has been tackled in the problem definition, the actual work and in the conclusions of the project. The referent for IDE is dr. ir. J.C. Diehl. more info.

Graduation projects

The faculty members of DfS supervise master’s graduation projects for all three masters of the faculty Industrial Design Engineering: Integrated Product Design, Design for Interaction and Strategic Product Design. They are also regularly involved in courses and (graduation) projects of the master programs of Sustainable Energy Technology and Industrial Ecology.