MSc. Milias, V.

Vasileios Milias is a PhD candidate at the Department of Sustainable Design Engineering, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.

Academic Background

Vasileios' interest lies in developing methods and tools to inform the design of sustainable, equitable and healthy living environments. His PhD research revolves around the concept of accessibility, a term simple to use but complex to define and measure. "Easy access" is often translated to traveling time, cost, or distance. But could it also be translated to other characteristics that affect people’s wellbeing? Arguably, a 10-minute walk through a dark, scary alley is not the same as a 10-minute walk through a vibrant street with many trees and flowers.

As a researcher at the Delft University of Technology, Vasileios aims to tackle such questions by revisiting existing accessibility methods and enriching them while accounting for exposures that influence people’s wellbeing. His PhD position is funded by the Horizon 2020 project named 'Equal-Life: Early environmental quality and life-course mental health effects'.


  • 2016 ─ 2018
    MSc in Computer Science, Delft University of Technology
  • 2010 ─ 2016
    Dipl. Eng. (equivalent to MSc) in Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens


  • 2019 ─ 2020
    Spatial Data Specialist, Here Technologies
  • 2017 ─ 2018
    R&D Intern: Personal Spaces and Data Science, Philips Lighting

Lectures and/or coaches students on:

  • Urban Data Science Module (IO3819)
  • Machine Learning for Design (IOB4-T3)
  • Data course (IOB3-3)
  • Software Based Products (IO1075)

Involved in the research project(s):