Ir. Teeuwen, R.F.L.

Roos Teeuwen is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Her main research interests lie where people's experiences and activities meet the physical urban environment.

Academic Background

Roos researches novel measures to assess the relationships between the physical urban environment and the health and well-being of people. Specifically, she focuses on how children and adolescents have opportunities to access and perform activities in urban greenspace, and how we can measure such opportunities at scale:

How are greenspaces accessible from various routine settings, such as homes and schools, but also the commuting routes between them? How can we adapt existing metrics to an age group at hand, for example unsupervised children? And how well are people's perceptions of well-usable greenspaces even represented in the large-scale data sets that are often times used?

With answering these questions, Roos aims to contribute novel methods, maps, and guidelines for measuring and planning greenspaces in cities for use by their youngest citizens. In addition, she aims to understand the usability and limitations of these methods, maps, and guidelines by city planners and policy makers in practice. Roos uses both quantitative and qualitative approaches for data collection and analysis, including spatial data analysis, co-design workshops, and crowd-sourcing surveys. She enjoys working with and development of open-source data and tools wherever possible.

Roos' PhD position is funded by the Horizon 2020 project named 'Equal-Life: Early environmental quality and life-course mental health effects'.


  • 2015 ─ 2018
    MSc. Geomatics for the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology
  • 2011 ─ 2014
    BSc. Architecture, Urbanism and Building Science, Delft University of Technology


  • 2018 ─ 2020
    GIS Consultant, Tensing GIS Consultancy
  • 2015 ─ 2016
    Student Research Assistant, Delft University of Technology & GSDI Association

Involved in the research project(s):