Honours Programme Master IDE

Students from the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering have the opportunity to, additional to their master curriculum, participate in the Honours Programme Master (HPM). 

What is the Honours Programme?

The TU Delft Honours Programme is developed for excellent students, as an addition to their regular Master’s programme. At IDE, the master’s honours programme offers you a unique challenge to extend and deepen your study in a scientific, design, industrial and/or societal dimension. You can enrol in the HPM half-way your first IPD, DfI or SPD study semester, for a start in the second master semester.

To participate in the HPM, you make your own proposal for your honours project, by which you can greatly enrich your Master study. For example, by concerning extra disciplines, testing your designs in multiple environments, assessing societal impact, collaborating with industrial partners and focusing on any subject of societal relevance, etc. The programme can be very practical, with company involvement, up to more theoretical, e.g. as a stepping stone to PhD research.

You will be rewarded with an Honours Programme annotation for your MSc degree, which is expected to be highly esteemed by industry as well as by research institutes.  

Coordinator HPM