Baris Kumru joins as Assistant Professor

Baris Kumru has joined the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft as Assistant Professor to explore disruptive approaches in polymer science.

Baris obtained his masters in Chemistry from Technical University of Istanbul and joined the Max Planck Institutes of Colloids and Interfaces for his PhD on graphitic carbon notride. He subsequently became postdoctoral researcher and Group leader. His research covers a wide range of polymer science from photopolymerization and photocatalysis, polymer semiconductors, microfluids and engineered unbreakable polymers.

Baris will use his disruptive approaches in polymer science to tailor sustainable lightweight polymer composites for aviation. His research distills synthetic polymer chemistry with sustainable molecules to develop novel high-performance polymer composites that are energy efficient, possess lowered CO2 footprint and enhanced bio-based contents with on-demand recyclability. He is driven by experimental polymer chemistry and he aims to encapsulate total synthesis - from lab-scale experiments to scaled-up reaction design.  

We welcome him with great excitement and anticipation of future research at TU Delft!