N. Faber (Nick)


I am a Dutch guy with my roots in Arnhem. I did my bachelor in Aerospace Engineering. Highlights of my studies were my minor abroad in Austin, Texas and my year at Delft Hyperloop. I am also very passionate about gliding, hoping to compete in World Championships next year. Final fun fact: I own a 56-year-old Volvo Amazon which I am restoring with a friend.

Master Thesis Project

Fused Deposition Modeling (3D Printing) of Liquid Crystal Polymers. Focusing on reinforcing parts along principal stress directions using a 5-axis printer.

Supervised by: Kunal Masania and Silvan Gantenbein (ETH)

Used labs: Shaping Matter Lab

Master Student

N. Faber

  • N.Faber@student.tudelft.nl
  • Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

    Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies

    Kluyverweg 1

    2629 HS Delft, The Netherlands

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