T. Darikwa (Tinashe)


I was born in Harare (in Zimbabwe) and was raised for most of my life. Science has been a keen interest of mine at an early age. My initial entry to science at a university level was my bachelorsā€™ studies where I majored in Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Cape Town (UCT). This then opened the avenue to my master programme at Maastricht University where I studied sustainability biobased materials. This study combined material science knowledge and with material technology through various projects, which allowed me to interact with challenges in the industrial space. My master thesis project was performed with the Aachen-Maastricht Institute for Bio-based Materials (AMIBM) where I worked on the synthesis of partially bio-based polyazomethine that were made to be melt processable. This was done through the selection of monomers with various melting point depression capabilities.

Current Project

My current PhD project involves working with novel coating strategies for corrosion control. This is done through, understanding the scientific principles of design for anti-corrosion and investigating the effect of  the polymer architecture on inhibitor release. This work is done under the supervision of Dr. S.J. Garcia.

PhD Researcher

T.C. Darikwa MSc.