The Air Transport And Operations Section is a vibrant and youthful group of 15 enthusiastic staff and PhDs with 40 MSc students per year. ATO has three research aims: 1) To develop radical new ways to optimise aircraft operations for efficiency, safety, cost and  environmental impact; 2) To extend the analysis to an airline fleet and network level to include capacity and resilience; 3) To synthesize these to include operational safety at an airline and ATM level.

The generic competencies being used to facilitate the above research goals  include Value Operations Methodology (VOM), multidisciplinary operations optimization research, multi-agent systems modelling, knowledge-based systems, stochastic modelling and analysis, and acoustic modelling, measurement and analysis. Central to ATO’s research is the VOM as a theoretical construct for establishing effective objective value statements and simulation goals (and underlying models), in conjunction with developing much more efficient modelling and optimisation methods to implement VOM.