MSc Aerospace Engineering

TU Delft is home to one of the leading academic programmes in aerospace technology in all of Europe. The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering draws upon a long history of technical excellence, innovation and teaching performance, preparing graduates to contribute to this dynamic sector with technically imaginative and commercially viable solutions. In preparing engineers for a truly global sector, one of the goals of the programme is to train professionals to be resourceful problem solvers, who are capable of collaborating with colleagues across cultural divides.

International MSc students
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In the MSc programme in Aerospace Engineering, you will have abundant opportunities for working on projects and internships across the globe, taking advantage of established relationships with Schiphol Airport, the European Space Agency, KLM, Airbus and other aerospace industries and research institutes. You will also have the option of working as a team member in international competitions in extra-curricular activities.

At TU Delft, you will obtain hands-on experience whilst working in test and laboratory facilities that are unsurpassed in Europe. Our facilities include low-speed and high-speed (up to Mach 11) wind tunnels, GPS measurement stations, the Structures and Materials Laboratory, the SIMONA research flight simulator, a Cessna Citation II flying laboratory, a collection of large and small aircraft and spacecraft parts, the Delfi  Ground Station for satellite communications and a clean room for research and training on our own university satellites.

MSc Aerospace Engineering Tracks

In the master Aerospace Engineering students can choose between six tracks. A track is a general field of Aerospace Engineering (discipline) and a profile is a refined direction within that field of expertise (specialisation). The master programme Aerospace Engineering has a common outline for all tracks. Each comprises core, profile and elective courses, literature study, an internship and the MSc thesis. The study load differs per track and profile.