Ellen Braae

Academic year 2017-2018


From February 2018, the faculty welcomes Ellen Braae as Visiting Professor. Prof. Braae is Professor of Landscape Architecture Theory and Method and Head of the research group Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Her research bridges landscape architecture and urbanism at the intersection of design and humanities, focussing on the preservation and transformation of the post-industrial urban landscape. 

In the book Beauty Redeemed. Recycling Post-Industrial Landscapes (2015), Prof. Braae shows the need for the exploration of the resources hidden in what is already there. She converges questions of heritage with landscape architecture and urban planning and outlines a transformation theory that challenges the way we think about post-industrial landscapes.

Lectures and workshops

During her Visiting Professorship, hosted by the section of Landscape Architecture, Prof. Braae will focus on the theme Recycling Post-Industrial Landscapes. Her public lecture on this theme will take place on 13 February 17:30. In, among others, an Exchange Lab and several workshops, she will further interact with students, teachers and researchers and share ideas on the possibilites for post-industrial landscape.