Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Community

Equity, diversity, and inclusivity are fundamental components of design excellence and innovating approaches which empower individuals and communities alike.

Mission Statement

The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environments is committed to the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) as an integral part of its teaching and researching at the highest levels. We make room for everyone and everyoneā€™s differences. In short, our mission is to make the faculty an inclusive environment, ensuring that everyone who works and studies here can feel at home and valued. Our staff and students are safe to express themselves regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, gender-identity, cultural background, ethnicity, age, or abilities.


Our faculty employs a dedicated team to help increase EDI and Community-building across research and education, staff and students, work and study. The set goal of our team is to raise awareness about inclusion, to find ways to weave diversity into the curriculum, and to advice the Dean and Management team on emerging issues within our facultyā€™s community. We thus help to shape faculty policy and propose actions to implement TU Delftā€™s EDI goals within the specific challenges and opportunities of our faculty, and according to the various aims outlined in the Diversity Statement. Our approach is part of the wider goals of TU Delft in improving EDI.


EDI officer Robert A. Gorny helps raise awareness on topics or terms surrounding equity, diversity, and inclusion, and promote a wider notion of the relevance of EDI-related aspects for built environments through public events. Together with a wider EDI student and staff advisory team, he is currently working on a concerted, integrated, and intersectional vision, and develop a strategic plan.

Community officer CĆ©cile Calis helps to further stimulate dialogue and connect people from all kinds of departments through community-building events, organized with a dedicated Community team. 'The events differ in scale and content. Some are unique, other events like the community diners reoccur and aim for an in-depth conversation and evaluation.'

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