Summer and Winter Schools

AMS Summer School - Urban Living Labs

16 - 20 August 2021

Build your knowledge & skills on the Living Lab approach during the online AMS Summer School 2021. You will be working on a real-life case in multidisciplinary teams, working towards creating a real Living Lab design with your multidisciplinary team. 

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Summer School on Circularity in the Built Environment

10 - 12 July 2022
The Circular Built Environment Hub (CBE Hub) of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment will host the Summer School on Circularity in the Built Environment. Students from all levels of education (BSc, MSc) as well as PhD researchers are invited to participate in a 3-day intensive workshop that will focus on the topic of scales.

Participants are also invited to attend the CiBEn Conference that will take place in Delft on the following days Wednesday, July 13 to Friday, July 15. Summer School activities and outcomes will be presented at the CiBEn conference during a special session. 

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Sustainable Housing from a European Perspective

Housing is of key importance for societies. It drives the economy and is a key issue for sustainable urban and regional development in growing as well as declining areas. This course focuses on sustainable housing development and deals with environmental as well as economic and social sustainability. The course will give insight in the European perspective on the development of a sustainable housing stock by presenting European and national goals, policies, regulations, assessment tools, process innovations and management approaches. It will shed light on the emerging economies and institutions in the similar context.

Final year of bachelor students, Master Students and PhD Students with background knowledge and research interests on sustainable housing and the built environment are invited to join.

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Planning and Design with Water for Sustainability

The Summer School combines spatial planning, urban design and environmental technology to tackle issues of sustainability, climate adaptation and water management in urban environments. It invites students to understand the theories and practices that bring together water management, urban sustainability and spatial justice and to apply the knowledge acquired in the elaboration of a vision and a spatial plan and design for an area in the city of The Hague in The Netherlands.

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