Teun Verkerk

Architectural Engineering


This project researches the implementation and integration of media technologies for communication purposes in architectural and natural environments. These technologies give designers new tools to create spaces which can be more responsive, functional and communicative and adapt in realtime. By creating a network of light landscapes, shapes and screens, the Blades concept improves the wayfinding capabilities of the case-study location: Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek. Besides dynamic route signalling, the lights and screens can be used to advertise activities and events in the park, to turn to an art canvas at night blending in with the natural surroundings. 
The development of a modular architectural lighting system enables designers to create a variety of screens, shapes and landscapes which fit the existing context precisely. Its modular design allows for form freedom, while maintaining a cost-advantage over custom made objects. Made from aluminium, the blades are light but strong enough to stand freely as self supported โ€˜bladesโ€™. In the production (process), aluminium profiles offer more advantages including having multiple joining techniques and contoured slots within the same profile.

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