TU Delft Digital Open Days at IDE: Recap

News - 01 December 2021 - Communication

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, TU Delft’s Open Days had to go digital. Luckily, the IDE team was able to shift gears and pull together a packed digital agenda for prospective IDE students on Saturday 20 November!

In a bid to fully convey IDE’s creative and inviting atmosphere to potential students, the IDE Open Days team decided to tackle the digital version of the event on two fronts. First, IDE took part in the TU Delft-wide livestream and then (for the first time) we harnessed the power of Instagram for Open Days. This allowed us to re-create the tour students normally would have received if they had visited IDE in person.

The Live Show

The livestream (which can be viewed here) was hosted by IDE’s Tim van Tooren (SPD graduate), Sylvia Mooij (BSc Programme Coordinator), Mirjam Meijer (DfI MSc student), and Sepehr Kherad (BSc student). During the livestream, the presenters talked about their experiences at IDE and the possibilities the programme has to offer. In addition to this, questions from students were answered during a Q&A session. The live show was watched by more than 400 students.

Instagram Open Days Tour

In tandem with the live show, Thomas Nieuwendijk and Vera Klerken gave a tour of our faculty via Instagram. They showed off our building, toured the various facilities at IDE, and chatted with IDE students, graduates, and staff.

Our Instagram campaign consisted of posts, stories, and reels. The stories turned out to be a great success. They were viewed over 1,000 times and the non-followers reached that week was 815% higher than usual. Potential students engaged in our content via posts, reshares, comments, and questions.

Thanks to the nature of Instagram, we were able to give potential IDE students a behind-the-scenes look at our faculty. This included interviews with Delft Designers Riel Bessai (IDE graduate of the year), Jerry de Vos (the winner of the James Dyson Award for Sustainability), and Susanna Osinga (winner of the Hema Design Contest’s public choice award). We were also able to show off some of IDE’s facilities such as the Model Making and Machine Lab (PMB), our drawing rooms, and the ID Kafee.

Want to watch (or rewatch) our Instagram stories? Then head on over to our Instagram account (@IDETUDelft) - you can view everything here.

What will the future hold for Open Campus Days?

Although we are certainly looking forward to in-person Open Days and welcoming prospective students to IDE again, we have learned a lot from this experience. Who knows, maybe we will be on TikTok for the next set of Open Days.

Upcoming Events for Prospective Students

Despite the ongoing pandemic, we will continue to organise events for prospective IDE students. We are working hard to host as many ‘taster days’ as possible, while adhering to current COVID-19 guidelines.

On 11 January, there will be a final digital Q&A for students to ask questions prior to the registration deadline on 15 January. For the 4 and 5-VWO students, we are aiming to host Open Days 17-19 March 2022. To stay informed about these events and more, keep an eye on this page.