Eduscope shortlisted for Dubai Global Grad Show

News - 11 November 2021 - Communication

The Ubuntu Eduscope, developed by one of IDE’S Advanced Embodiment Design (AED) teams, has been shortlisted for the Global Grad Show in Dubai.

The UBUNTU Eduscope is an affordable, locally producible digital microscope for education in Sub-Saharan Africa. The design can be created from off-the-shelf components in combination with laser-cut and 3D printed parts.

The Eduscope is part of the NWO INSPiRED project. Its aim is to make digital microscopy more affordable and accessible in order to train medical students in Sub-Sahara Africa. Currently, a Joint Master Team (JMP) and the Red Cross in Kenya are working on the next iteration of this device for local production and use in a local context.

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