Kees Vuik surprised with Professor of Excellence Award 2022

News - 04 July 2022

On Monday 4 July, Kees Vuik, Professor Numerical Analysis at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS), was surprised with the announcement that he will receive the Best Professor Award 2022.

I feel honored. I have a lot of love for my students and teaching. You always hope to pass on your knowledge as well as possible, but whether that is the case always remains to be seen. With this prize it is now clear

Kees Vuik

Delft University Fund has awarded the prestigious Professor of Excellence prize since 1994. A Professor of Excellence is someone who excels in both research and education, and who knows how to inspire and motivate the next generation of Delft engineers. Recipients of the award are reckoned among the top of TU Delft. You can only become Professor of Excellence per the recommendation of one’s colleagues and students, who consider you to be their ‘Leermeester’.


Professor Vuik was nominated by Professor Lucas van Vliet, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS), by study association W.I.S.V. Christiaan Huygens, and by (former) PhD students and students. "Kees Vuik's field, numerical mathematics, is ideally suited for collaborations within TU Delft. The fact that mutual cooperation actually arises and grows is not a matter of course. As director (DCSE) Kees fulfills an integrating role between the various computational groups at TU Delft.” says professor Lucas van Vliet.

Prof. Vuik's predecessor, Prof. Wesseling, states, "As director of the TU Delft Institute DCSE, Vuik plays a key role in the collaboration between 40 research groups from six faculties of TU Delft with approximately 250 PhD students."

Lucy Westerweel says, on behalf of the board of W.I.S.V. Christiaan Huygens: "Professor Vuik has the answer to almost every question during lectures and his knowledge seems to be limitless. His choice for examples from practice and his clear way of making connections between mathematics and practice are enlightening and motivating. His dedication to students and teaching, the time he takes for personal guidance and his boundless knowledge make him an inspiring role model, for every student.”

Award Ceremony

On September 5th 2022, the official award ceremony will take place in the Senaatszaal of the TU Delft Aula Congress Centre. The ceremony precedes the Opening of the Academic Year 2022-2023.