Fund for Climate and Energy Transition

We are on the verge of a fundamental energy transition. In addition to energy security, to reduce our CO₂ emissions, limit global warming and leave a liveable planet for future generations. Day in and day out, scientists and students at TU Delft work on projects that accelerate this process. Our students learn about this transition in their curriculum and undertake projects to develop and test innovations.

With a multi-year gift, the 2022 Tech for Energy annual campaign has been continued as a Named Fund. The Climate and Energy Transition Fund supports scientific research and student projects at TU Delft that contribute to accelerating the energy transition and the climate. Each year, several projects eligible for financial support are selected. During the year, the fund can also be used for individual project applications. All project applications are selected by Delft University Fund.

The contribution for 2022 is divided between the three projects in the Tech for Energy annual campaign, namely 24/7 Energy Lab, the Floating Renewable Lab and the Control Room of the Future.

Will you join us?