Minors in the Bachelor’s degree programmes

A minor is a cohesive unit of modules worth a total of 30 ECTS (six months). You take the minor in the first semester of your third Bachelor year.

At TU Delft, there are two types of minors:

  • Thematic minors: a combination of modules put together around a specific theme, such as sustainability or robotics. Some minors are open to students of other universities.
  • Individually-composed minors: minors that you put together yourself and may, for example, include an internship with separate modules at TU Delft or another university.

A thematic minor is a combination of modules put together around a specific theme. You can choose TU Delft modules, but you should also consider what is on offer at our partner universities in Leiden and Rotterdam.

If you opt for a minor at one of the partner universities, you must indicate your preference between 1 May and 31 May using the online application forms on the Leiden or Erasmus minor websites. You can submit one minor preference per partner institution. 



Find a minor:

An individual minor is one that you put together yourself. The two possibilities available are outlined below.



Free minor / Bridging minor
This is a minor that you put together yourself from different course elements. It must be made up of a cohesive programme of modules, provided by a university programme and at third-year level. Master’s modules are not permitted.

A bridging minor offers students at TU Delft and other universities the opportunity to go on to take a Master’s programme other than the one that automatically follows on from their Bachelor’s degree programme. If you would like to take a bridging minor, you should approach the relevant contact. You can find the details on the Minors overview page.

Submit your choice to the Board of Examiners at least two months in advance using the designated Free Minor / Bridging Minor Approval Application Form.

 Internship or Study Abroad Minor
In some faculties, you can gain practical or international experience by opting for an Internship or Study Abroad Minor. Find out what is possible at buitenland.tudelft.nl and, for internships, contact the faculty (international) internship office. Please note: if you plan to go abroad, you will need to arrange a lot of things during the second year of your Bachelor’s degree programme. 

A minor also gives you the unique opportunity to broaden your horizon at other universities. For instance, you could choose a minor at one of our partner universities: Leiden University or Erasmus University Rotterdam. Apply for a minor at Leiden or Erasmus University between 1 and 31 May via their online application forms. You can apply for one minor at each university. Read more information about the LDE minor cooperation here.



Minors at the Erasmus University Rotterdam

Minors at the EUR constitute to 15 EC in total. TU Delft students are obliged to complete 30 EC during their minor period. The options for doing electives at EUR are extremely limited and it is not possible to do two EUR minors. Consequently, we advise you to fill in the remaining 15 EC with electives at TU Delft. To do so you need prior permission from your Board of Examiners. On the 'Flexible Minor Request’ form, fill in the electives and the EUR minor of your choice.

If you do wish to take electives at EUR, it is your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements. Check the University Guide to Elective Courses for the procedure that applies to each faculty. If you are placed for a selection minor at TU Delft, your enrolment for a minor at EUR is automatically cancelled.

Minors at Leiden University

The minors at Leiden University are 30 EC. However, the courses in the minors are not clustered in the first semester like in Delft. In the e.Studiegids of Leiden University you'll find a description of each minor and its courses. In the course description you're linked to the timetable page of each faculty. Here you can find when a course is taught. When in doubt or if you have any questions, contact the person listed at the minor in the e.Studiegids. If you are placed for a selection minor at TU Delft, your enrolment for a minor at Leiden University is automatically cancelled.

Moluciular Science & TechnologyWBWerktuigbouwkunde
CTCiviele TechniekMT
Maritieme Techniek
Industrieel OntwerpenTATechnische Aardwetenschappen
Electrical EngineeringTBTechnische BestuurskundeLDE
Leiden, Delft, Erasmus
Klinische TechnologieTITechnische InformaticaLD
Leiden, Delft
LRLuchtv. - en RuimtevaarttechniekTNTechnische NatuurkundeEUR
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
Life Science TechnologyTWTechnisch WiskundeVU
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Thematische minors

Alle thematische minors op TU Delft zijn Engelstalig, met uitzondering van de volgende minors:

  • Educatie
  • Ondernemerschap: Med-Tech Based Entrepeneurship
  • Ondernemerschap: Technology Based Entrepeneurship
  • Security, Safety and Justice (LDE)
MinorMinorcodeBSc OpleidingVoor TU Delft Studenten vanOmvang minor (EC)Selectie*
Advanced PrototypingIO-MI-135IDEAll BSc studies30       ✓
Airport of the FutureLR-MI-167AEAll BSc studies30
ArchineeringBK-MI-146Arch.Arch, CE, IDE, AE, MT, WB30
Automotive DesignIO-MI-165IDEArch, IDE, AE, MT, TPM, ME30       ✓
Bend and BreakCT-MI-147CEArch, CE, IDE, AE, MT, AES, AS, ME30
Biomedical EngineeringBME-MI-087CTAll BSc studies30       ✓
Cities, Migration and Socio-Spatial Inequality (CANCELLED)BK-Mi-193Arch.Arch, IDE, CE, TPM15
Communication Design for InnovationSEC-MI-177ASAll BSc studies30
Computational Science and EngineeringTI-MI-195AMAll BSc studies30
The Delta Expert: water for the futureCT-MI-166CEAll BSc studies30
Companies and innovation: economical, ethical, juridical and safety perspectivesWM-MI-191TPMAll BSc studies30
EducatieSEC-MI-049SECAll BSc studies30       ✓
Electrical Engineering for Autonomous Exploration RobotsET-MI-109EEAE, MT, AS, ME30
Electrical Sustainable Energy Systems (ESES)ET-MI-190EEAll BSc studies30
FinanceTW-MI-097TMAll BSc studies30
Geneeskunde voor technische studenten (application via EUR)XX-MI-EUR-GKEUR

All BSc studies

(excl. CT)

30       ✓
Geo-resources for the futureTA-Mi-192AESAll BSc studies
Heritage & DesignBK-MI-142Arch.All BSc studies30
House of the FutureBK-MI123Arch.All BSc studies30
Integrated Infrastructure Design (IID)CT-MI-186CTAll BSc studies30 
Interactive EnvironmentsIO-MI-124IDEAll BSc studies30       ✓
International Entrepreneurship and DevelopmentWM-MI-101TPMAll BSc studies30       ✓  
Mathematics and FinanceTW-MI-187TMAE, MT, AS, ME, CS, EE, TM30       ✓
Modern PhysicsTN-MI-189ASCE, EE, AE, MST, MT, AES, CS, TM, ME30
Nationale GI Minor (application via VU)VUAll BSc studies30       ✓
Neighbourhood of the Future - Green Blue CitiesBK-MI-083Arch.Arch, CE, IDE, AES, TPM30
Ondernemerschap: Med-Tech Based EntrepreneurshipMOT-MI-153TPMAll BSc studies60
Ondernemerschap: Technology Based EntrepreneurshipMOT-MI-088TPMAll BSc studies30
Projectmanagement from Nano to MegaCT-MI-174CTAll BSc studies30
Responsible Innovation (LDE)WM-MI-180TPMAll BSc studies30


WB-MI-168MEEE, IDE, CS, ME30       ✓
Security, Safety and Justice (LD)WM-MI-099TPMAll BSc studies30
Software Design and ApplicationTI-MI-110CS

All BSc studies

(excl. CS)

SpaceflightLR-MI-185AEAll BSc studies30
Spaces for Display: retail & exhibition designBK-MI-145Arch.Arch, IDE30       ✓
Sports InnovationIO-MI-164IDEAll BSc studies30       ✓
Sustainable Design EngineeringIO-MI-073IDEAll BSc studies30
Transport, Infrastructure and LogisticsCT-MI-127CEAll BSc studies (excl. TPM domain T&L)30
Under the sky, experiencing landscape architecture (CANCELLED)BK-MI-194Arch.Arch, IDE, CT, TPM15
ZeiljachtenMT-MI-105MEAll BSc studies30

* Voor deze minors gelden selectiecriteria. Check de pagina van de desbetreffende minor voor meer informatie.