In Bachelor’s degree programmes

A minor consists of a coherent programme of courses worth 15 or 30 EC. You take the minor in the first semester of your third Bachelor's year. You can choose a thematic minor or a free (self-composed) minor.

Choose here for more information on the range of thematic minors, registration, enrolment, unenrolment and other practical issues that apply to your situation: 


10 June 2021 - Results lottery draw

All TU Delft students who enrolled for one or more preferences in May for non-selection minors have received a message about the results of the draw. You will find the results of the draw in myTUDelft. If you are not satisfied with your placement, you can deregister via myTUDelft as of 1 July and optionally choose a different non-selection minor when places are available.

Unfortunately, some TU Delft students have not been allocated a place in a non-selection minor. If you have not been allocated a place, you will have the opportunity to apply for the remaining places for non-selection minors from 1 July until 15 July. This is based on direct registration and depends on the availability of the remaining places (first-come-first-served policy). It is no longer possible to register for minors in Leiden or Rotterdam. There is also a possibility that you have been drawn out of a minor and that there will be places available in this second round after all. This is because not all the available places at our partner universities in Leiden and Rotterdam are filled. These remaining places will be offered to TU Delft students during this second application period. An indicative list of free places will be published at the end of June (no rights can be derived from this).

After the closure of the second application period, it is no longer possible to apply for thematic non-selection minors, even if there are still places available. You will then only be able to choose a free (self-composed) minor

We remind you that the thematic selection-minor procedure has already closed since 1 May and it is no longer possible to apply for a selection-minor.