Electrical Sustainable Energy

The ESE department’s research activities aim at accelerating the energy transition towards sustainable energy. The research covers electrical energy generation from renewable energy sources, its transmission, distribution and storage. The department designs and fabricates high-performance, low-cost photovoltaic (PV) cells and power electronics devices for integration in future power networks. It studies systems with electricity generation using PV and wind technologies, high-voltage and direct-current transmission, and intelligent power management for increasing energy efficiency.

In anticipation of the large-scale introduction of renewable and distributed energy sources, the technical, economic and societal performances of the future electricity system are studied through multidisciplinary “system of systems” approaches. Working on this energy transition, the ESE department contributes to tackling important societal challenges such as climate change and environmental pollution. The department plays a leading role in the EEMCS thematic line Energy Transition.

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Head of department

Prof. dr. Peter Palensky