22 April 2021

TU Delft simulations help optimize solar cell efficiency

An international photovoltaics working group has developed a new transparent material to serve as a top layer for solar cells, based on nanocrystals. According to simulations performed by the participating TU Delft researchers, this layer can increase the efficiency of mass-produced solar cells to within a percent of their practical limit.

25 February 2021

City of the future communicates using solar panels

If it is up to Patrizio Manganiello, the city of the future will not only run on solar energy, but we will also use the solar infrastructure for lightning-fast communication.

16 February 2021

Nooit meer geklooi met accu’s; fiets op standaard zetten en laden maar

Wireless E-bike charging station co-developed by DCE&S and Tiler reported in Algemeen Dagblad

10 February 2021

5.7 million euro for hybrid energy storage systems

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy has allocated 5.7 million euro to FLEXINet. In the upcoming years, the FLEXINet consortium will develop hybrid energy storage systems – capable of storing both heat and electricity. Pavol Bauer, professor at TU Delft and project leader and coordinator: ‘The aim of FLEXINet is a system that accelerates the energy transition. We hope to make a substantial contribution to reaching climate targets by cleverly combining various techniques – think of blending recycled batteries with flexible heat pumps and the charging of electric cars.’