This Summer School is intended for PhD candidates, PostDocs, researchers, engineers, and in general for anyone with an MSc degree.
It will start on Sunday, the 30th of June 2024, and end on Friday, the 5th of July 2024. The PVSSS 2024 features: 

  • On Sunday, June 30th, a get-together dinner in the centre of Delft from 18:00.
  • On Monday, July 1st, at 9:00, a stimulating opening session given by prof. dr. Olindo Isabella (Head of the Photovoltaic Materials and Devices group at TUDelft).
  • From Monday, July 1st, to Friday, July 5th:
    • Fourteen 45-minute long lectures (> 10 hours of theory) given by experts in solar energy from TU Delft and other international universities, R&D centres, and companies.
    • Eight 2-hour long practical sessions to accommodate up to 24 attendees in our PV Laboratory, as well as access to our Virtual PV Laboratory (3-D virtual environment) until the end of July 2024.
  • On Wednesday, July 3rd:
    • A visit to the Green Village of TU Delft (more info here)
    • An industrial tour.
    • An inspiring plenary talk, given by prof. dr. Rutger Schlatmann (Head of Solar Energy at Helmholtz Zentrum Beriln and professor at HTW Berlin).
    • The summer school banquet.
  • On Friday, July 5th, a closing session followed by dinner in the centre of Delft.


The lectures cover current hot topics in PV systems:

  • L1     -   Prof. dr. M. Zeman (TU Delft, NL): Future solar-powered electrical energy systems
  • L2       Dr. R. Santbergen (TU Delft, NL): PV multiscale modelling
  • L3     -   Prof. dr. I. Gordon (IMEC, BE - TU Delft, NL): Status of c-Si PV technology - cells and modules
  • L4     -   Prof. dr. A. W. Weeber (TNO, NL - TU Delft, NL): Status of thin-film PV technology and multi-junction devices
  • L5     -   Dr. E. Voroshazi / Dr. N. Gazbour (CEA-INES, FR): Sustainability and Circularity in PV
  • L6     -   Prof. dr. Marko Topič (University of Ljubljana, SL): PV modules monitoring and energy yield forecast (TBC)
  • L7     -   Dr. Radovan Kopecek (ISC K, DE): The evolution of bifacial revolution
  • L8     -   Dr. Alessandra Scognamiglio (ENEA, IT): Agrivoltaics as an integrator of potentialities
  • L9     -   Dr. P. Manganiello (TU Delft, NL): Photovoltatronics
  • L10   -   Dr. Malte Vogt (TU Delft, NL): Materials usage in c-Si PV and design for recycling
  • L11   -   Prof. dr. P. Palensky (TU Delft, NL): Impact of renewable energy systems on digitized society 
  • L12   -   Prof. dr. P. Bauer (TU Delft, NL): Power electronics, microgrids, and e-mobility
  • L13   -   Prof. dr. C. van Kruijsdijk (Shell, NL - TU Delft, NL): Green hydrogen 
  • L14   -   Dr. H. Ziar (TU Delft, NL): X-IPV systems

 The practical sessions focus on the following PV systems aspects: 

  • PV1   -   Discover and measure properties of light
  • PV2   -   Build your EQE setup and measure the spectral response of real devices
  • PV3   -   Characterize commercially available PV modules (JV and EL)
  • PV4   -   Understand the charging cycle of batteries and justify the use of charge controller
  • PV5   -   Simulate a complete PV system from a power electronics perspective
  • PV6   -   Mount and characterize a real 2 kWp grid-connected DC-coupled PV system with AC backup

Click here to download the detailed programme.