Ir. Bolaños, J.

Julieta Bolaños Arriola is a PhD at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Her interests are within Circular Product Design in general, her work focuses mainly on repairability. Julieta is currently a part of the Sharepair project, which focuses on facilitating digital tools to increase the number of repairs of consumer products among citizens; to reduce the waste of electric and electronic equipment. Her work explores the feasibility and studies the process of using additive manufacturing to produce spare parts.

Academic Background

Before this position, she was working as a 'Sustainability Designer' for a children's car seat brand (2020). Not so long before that, she was a researcher for the CPD department at the TU Delft for the project Safe by Design (2019), which analyzed potential design strategies to increase safety in repairs done by non-experienced repairers. 

She completed her MSc in Integrated Product Design at IDE and obtained the Annotation in Technology in Sustainable Development (2017-2019). Her graduation project focused on the redesign of a washing machine to better suit service-based business models. Before her studies at TU Delft, she worked as an industrial designer at a design firm in Mexico City (2015-2017). She completed her Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design, at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México with a one-year exchange program at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway (2010-2015).

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Julieta Bolaños Arriola

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