Individual graduation projects

Every Industrial Design Engineering student concludes the Master's degree programme with a graduation project. In this project, the student is required to demonstrate his or her abilities as an independent engineer, by solving a complex product-development issue resulting from an assignment, full-time, over the course of 20 weeks.

Graduation Support Center


  • Students are expected to find a suitable assignment for a graduation project themselves.
  • Companies can submit potential assignments to the faculty by sending assignments to:
  • Together with the student and his or her supervisors (TU Delft chair, TU Delft mentor and company mentor), the quality of the assignment is assessed as to whether it complies with the requirements of the degree programme and the wishes of the graduation company.

Graduation project

The last semester is fully devoted to the Graduation Project, which may be undertaken in a company setting or within one of the research groups of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. The graduation project is considered to be a stepping stone to a future professional career. A high level of independence is therefore expected from the student in planning and executing the assignment and in acquiring knowledge, understanding and skills.

Watch the videos to see what it is like to graduate within the master programmes of Industrial Design Engineering.

Design for Interaction

Integrated Product Design

Strategic Product Design

Additional information

  • If you have a graduate assignment, you can place an advertisement. A graduation project advertisement should be sent by e-mail as an MS Word or PDF document to: (A4 with company details, the assignment, what the student is being offered and what is expected of the student).
  • Apart from the advertisement, the e-mail should also contain a very short description of the assignment (maximum 170 characters), so that it can be placed in an overview of assignments. In principle, both the advertisement and the short description need to be in English.
  • The advertisements will not only be posted on the website, but also on the faculty notice board. This will occur within seven days after the advertisement has been received by the faculty.
  • Download here the 'Manual for clients of Master students graduating in IDE'. It contains information about the graduation process and the general principles that the university has laid down for the agreement between a graduate student and a company.

For information of a more organisational nature concerning individual graduation projects, please contact the Graduation Support Centre, at If you would like to collaborate with one or more IDE students, but at present do not know precisely which project form or type of assignment is most suitable, please contact the valorisation team.