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25 February 2021

IDE in the media – week 8

24 February 2021

How sustainable are smart devices?

You might think that smart devices – something that can connect to the internet or another device – would be more sustainable. After all, if the lights and the thermostat only turn on when a person is present, they should use less energy. ‘But’ says Emilia Ingemarsdotter, ‘every technology has a hype phase’. For her PhD research, she wanted to look beyond the hype and critically examine the role internet-enabled devices play in the circular economy.

18 February 2021

TU Delft staff holding on

A comparison between the staff wellbeing surveys carried out last June and December show that people are holding on. However, if you have been feeling a bit less energetic during these winter months, you are certainly not alone. The man behind these surveys is IDE’s Derek Lomas, researcher at the Delft Institute of Positive Design.

18 February 2021

Student wellbeing in this new semester

We’ve been living with corona for almost a year. While there is much that we have grown accustomed to, there is no question that this is a challenging time for students. We take a look at the current situation and the support that’s on offer, including tips and advice from the ID Study Association.

18 February 2021

“Co-creating the graduation journey” showcase

In anticipation of second intervention of the “Co-creating the graduation journey” project and the Graduation Community kick-off on 1 March, the research team behind it has created a showcase video to share the project’s first intervention goals and results.

18 February 2021

IDE in the media – week 7

11 February 2021

Solutions for the society of the future: the Designing Sustainability Transitions minor

Tackling the wicked sustainability problems of future society. This was the bold ambition of the coaches and students of the of the second edition of the Designing Sustainability Transitions minor. They faced their challenge head-on with bravery, creativity and determination. Not even the wicked challenge of having to do this remotely deterred them from envisioning and configuring long-lasting solutions for such challenges.

10 February 2021

IDE trio wins national design competition

Last year, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science launched a competition to design the award for the newly established National Higher Education Prize (Nederlandse Hogeronderwijspremie ). While the prize is yet to be awarded, IDE students Eva Jonkers, Lin Zhou and Sanne ten Hoopen are already celebrating and look forward to seeing their design being lifted in the air by jubilant winners.

10 February 2021

Support for graduating students restarted

The “Co-creating the graduation journey” project has come to its second intervention. The previous participants of this 20-week long programme felt increasingly motivated in their graduation process thanks to the great energy and the empathy of the graduation community of IDE students. If you are starting your graduation between February and March, sign up to the programme and attend the Graduation Community kick-off day.

04 February 2021

Interactive Environments Minor reinvents Mekel Park

In the past semester, five teams of students with different disciplinary backgrounds were challenged to transform TU Delft’s Mekelpark into an interactive space for users of our campus. The projects “Link”, “Mimic”, “Harmony”, “Guido” and “Bustle” were showcased during the final exhibition of Interactive Environments Minor last week.

04 February 2021

The Responsible Sensing Lab opens in Amsterdam

Last week was the launch of the Responsible Sensing Lab - a collaboration between Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS) , the Digital City programme of Amsterdam and IDE. This initiative sees Professor Gerd Kortuem and PhD candidate Kars Alfrink exploring how social values can be integrated in the design of sensing systems in public space.

04 February 2021

From minor to majorly impressive Advanced Prototyping Minor Class of 2020-2021

While the last year has shown us just how much can be achieved virtually, the ability to translate an idea into a tangible prototype remains an important design competency. The students of the Advanced Prototyping minor have been showing us how it’s done. During the second part of the minor, students worked in groups to create and prototype new digital fabrication techniques and emerging materials. Finally they created movies showcasing their process and rather impressive results.

04 February 2021

IDE student Frédérique Valk wins PFZW Design Award

IDE bachelor’s student, Frédérique Valk, is the winner of the PFZW Design Award 2020. With her multi-functional block furniture, Frédérique was able to convince the five-strong jury of the contribution her innovative idea can make to the physical relief of childcare workers.

04 February 2021

D@S Lab—Design@Scale with Human-AI Collaboration

Last week saw the launch of eight new Delft AI-Labs. Over the course of 2020-2021 TU Delft is establishing a total of 24 TU Delft AI-labs where experts in AI foundations work together with experts in AI challenges. Amongst the eight new labs announced last week, is D@S Lab, established by IDE’s Professor Gerd Kortuem, together with Assistant Professor Evangelos Niforatos. The D@S Lab will focus on the opportunity of combining Artificial Intelligence with Human Intelligence to design at scale, thereby increasing our ability to tackle systemic challenges.

04 February 2021

IDE in the media – week 5

28 January 2021

IDE in the media – week 4

27 January 2021

Minor students’ concept Vika produced for Prinses Máxima Centre for Pediatric Oncology

During the Interactive Environments minor of 2014-2015, a team of students developed a concept for an interactive environment entitled Vika. People from the Prinses Máxima Centre for Pediatric Oncology were involved in the course having provided the brief. So enthusiastic were they about the concept, that they managed to find funding to produce a hospital-worthy version which was installed in January 2021.

27 January 2021

Rick Schifferstein becomes new Director of Delft Design Labs

The Delft Design Labs have a new director: IDE’s Associate Professor, Rick Schifferstein. Rick tells us more about the role he will be taking on.

22 January 2021

Sustainable design is not just about the material stuff

Sure, sustainable design can result in a trendy reusable bottle. But it’s not just about the product, it’s also about the process. Through his PhD research, Brian Baldassarre set out to understand how design expertise can be applied by business organisations in the transition towards sustainable development.

21 January 2021

Education Inspirations

As a COVID-friendly alternative to the annual IDE Education Day, this year's BSc revision team is hosting the ‘Education Inspirations’. This programme is filled with lectures and workshops and will run from January to June 2021. The new bachelor is the central theme, but the subjects are relevant for all teachers whether working on the bachelor or involved in master education.

21 January 2021

IDE in the media – week 3

21 January 2021

Ten Delft Design authors in special issue of ‘Work’ journal

With most of us having worked mainly from home for almost a year, the quality of our working environment has become more relevant than ever before. This week sees the publication of a special issue of the scientific journal ‘Work’, in which various aspects related to comfort are described. Uniquely, ten of the authors that contributed to this special issue hail from our faculty, representing the Human-Centered Design and Sustainable Design Engineering departments.

20 January 2021

Delft Design contributes to NWO INSPiRED symposium

Over 80 international medical experts joined the online NWO INSPiRED symposium on new smart health diagnostics for sub-Sahara Africa. The symposium showcased and discussed new technologies in the diagnosis of poverty-related parasitic infections and was moderated by IDE’s very own J.C. Diehl.

20 January 2021

Minor Announcement

It’s nearly the end of the semester: a time to reflect on our work and share it with our peers. Around this time of year, IDE’s main hall is usually filled with exhibitions celebrating students’ work — particularly those taking minor courses, whose imaginative designs never fail to impress. Despite the shift to online learning, this year is no exception. The Interactive Environments and Advanced Prototyping Minors are holding online exhibitions and project presentations in the coming weeks that will showcase the results of their students’ hard work.

14 January 2021

IDE in the media – week 2

13 January 2021

An ecosystem perspective on circularity

Making the transition towards a Circular Economy is so complex and full of interdependencies that no single company or actor can achieve it alone. In his PhD thesis, Jan Konietzko proposed that getting there will require a collective approach: business innovation using an ecosystem perspective.

23 December 2020

Grab a pencil and paper

What do you need as an industrial designer? What are your main tools? Pencil and paper, says Nik Shahman. He researched the usefulness of sketching in a design team and obtained his PhD on 22 December with his research.

17 December 2020

Graduate School News

New year, new challenges. That will certainly be the case for IDE’s Sylvia Pont and Wilfred van der Vegte, who will be stepping up to coordinate and strengthen the faculty’s PhD programme. Professor Pont will become the new Graduate School director and Assistant Professor van der Vegte will become the coordinator of doctoral education. Read on to find out a little bit more about their new positions and plans.

17 December 2020

Elvin Karana appointed Professor in Materials Innovation and Design

In recognition of her excellent teaching and research into materials and design, Elvin Karana has been appointed Full Professor of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft.

17 December 2020

IDE in the media – week 51

16 December 2020

Designing to inspire more sustainable consumers

Shifting towards the Circular Economy is not just about sustainable products, it’s also about sustainable behaviour. So how can design influence people to take better care of the products they use? PhD graduate Laura Ackermann says for designers, considering the consumer perspective is the key.

10 December 2020

IDE student Natalie Wochner wins Facebook-Funka Accessibility Hackathon

Swedish accessibility consultancy company Funka, together with social media company Facebook, recently announced that IDE MSc student Natalie Wochner has won their Accessibility Hackathon with her ‘ Follow Me’ design. This navigation guide for people with visual impairments will help them to do grocery shopping without becoming exhausted by trying to find a product.

10 December 2020

Design researchers in two new NWA-ORC consortia

At the end of November, the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) announced the funding allocation in the second round of the National Research Agenda on Routes through Consortia (NWA-ORC). Design researchers at TU Delft’s Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, are closely involved in two of these consortia.

10 December 2020

IDE in the media – week 50

10 December 2020

IDE on the airwaves

Listen to BNR Radio’s Werkprofessor podcasts with Jeroen van Erp and Deborah Nas.