Enrolment as an external student

If you wish to enrol as an external student you are entitled to take examinations only in the degree programme for which the enrolment applies.

You are not entitled to attend lectures, to carry out practical exercises, to receive supervision, to exercise active or passive voting rights, to make use of student facilities. You are also not entitled to student grants and loans. You will pay a fee, not tuition fee. Examination fees will not be refunded.

It is not possible to take an entire degree course as an external student because the faculty usually makes admission to examinations conditional on having carried out practical exercises. The different faculties vary a little in the rights they grant to external students, for instance regarding internships. So be sure to obtain clear information about the faculty’s approach in this respect.

For the applicable rates, we refer to the enrolment and tuition fee regulations.


In order to enrol as an external student you need not only to register through Studielink but also to submit a declaration that you will not make use of the education facilities and that you have taken note of the provisions of Section 15.2 of the Higher Education and Research Act. You can obtain this declaration form here or from the Contact Centre. Please return it completed and signed to the Student Administration, team Enrolment & Finance, p.o.box 5, 2600 AA Delft.