Academic skills

Students often feel unsure of exactly which skills they are developing through their university study. They are particularly uncertain of the value of those skills to employers. As a result, they may keep quiet about them, focusing instead on skills developed through extracurricular activities and part-time work.

Your time spent studying is a very important factor in your development. There is, after all, a reason why employers seek graduates for their posts. A closer look at the components of your degree study will help you recognise what you have to offer and your value in the workplace.

If you’re not sure to what extent you need to spell out your skills to employers, remember that it is difficult for them to know the exact details of the degree subject you’ve studied as there are literally hundreds of programmes available and there is no way they can have specialist knowledge of them all.


Suggested activities

You may find it helpful to use the tips below to create a profile of the skills you have gained during your academic studies. You are welcome to record your thoughts on the Students Skills Profile or on the PhD Skills Profile documents.