Supportive statements

e.g. Profiling Fund, BSA, DUO and MoMi

We can only write a supportive statement if someone is receiving / has received psychological treatment*. Or if there is tangible evidence of a diagnosis with a study disability (AD(H)D / autism spectrum disorder). Are you in doubt if we can write a statement for you? Please contact us at


First contact the academic counsellor at your faculty should you experience a study delay due to unforeseen circumstances. The academic counsellor will inform and advise you on (financial) support available, as well as help you in the application process for Profiling Fund, BSA, DUO, etc.

Keep in mind there are different hand-in deadlines for different requests. The academic counsellor can help you with this. Make sure you apply for the supportive statement 21 days before the hand-in deadline!

Should you require an expert statement from a university-contracted doctor, you should contact Student Health Care (SGZ) via +31(0)15-2121507 or

Should you require a supporting statement from a psychologist: please follow the 5-step procedure described below.
Note: only fully completed requests will be accepted.

  1. Make an appointment with your academic counsellor.
  2. Fill in these forms:
  3. Write a 'personal statement' of what happened during the period in which you started to fall behind in your studies. Describe how many hours on average you tried to study per week (lectures, work lectures, lab, group work and self-study hours) and how many of those were effectively spend?  Please describe the same for the period in which you received psychological help(max. 1 A4). For students with ADHD/ASS or a personality disorder: please describe over your entire study time how many hours on average you tried to study per week (lectures, working lectures, lab, group work and self-study hours).
  4. Should you have received treatment from a support professional outside TU Delft, ask them to answer the questions in this letter.
  5. Email the documents mentioned above to (21 days before the relevant commission deadline).

On receiving all relevant information you will be invited to meet one of the psychologists as soon as possible. The meeting takes place via your TU Delft Teams account.


* A psychological treatment means that conversations have taken place with a licensed psychologist, GZ-psychologist, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist or POH-GGZ (offer psychological treatment at the general practitioner).