Incoming exchange students

Exchange students are students from one of the partner universities that the TU Delft Faculty of Aerospace Engineering has an agreement with (bilateral or TU-wide). As an exchange students you are 'non-degree' students, which means that you do not receive an academic degree or a diploma from TU Delft. The study period at TU Delft is part of the Bachelor or Master programme at the partner university; credits gained at TU Delft are transferrable.

Free movers (students that opt for an exchange while there is no partnership between the universities) are not accepted at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering.


Download our Factsheet to get a summary of all relevant information regarding your exchange at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering.

Course Registration Information

All of the programmes at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering are taught in English. As an undergraduate (Bachelor) student you can take graduate (Master) courses, as long as you meet the pre-requisites and places are available during your semester. It is up to you to make sure that you meet the pre-requisites. Changes can occur at any time, even last minute, and placement can never be guaranteed.

Find your Courses
Visit to find out about all the courses offered at TU Delft. There you can get information on the topics, ECTS, teaching period and general information. Make sure the courses you choose allow you to have an equal workload distribution over the periods, we strongly encourage students to take 12-15 ECTS per period. A minimum of 24 ECTS credits per semester is required. Furthermore, 51% of the courses you choose have to be from our faculty.
A course list of the Aerospace faculty, as well as others and further information can be found here under 'Downloads'. Note: the course list of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering is not available, but you may choose any graduate (Master) course at this faculty.

Arrange your Timetable
Visit to arrange your preferred courses in a timetable, this is the best way to find out whether you have timetable clashes. Please note, that the timetable for semester two will only become available in January. Furthermore, each course is taught only once a quarter. This means, that all listed lectures and workshops are part of the same section of the course.
When you plan to take courses from different programmes and/or faculties, note that exams or lectures might clash. We do not and cannot facilitate an extra resit when this is the case. When lectures clash, there are two options, the first is to see if the lecture is recorded on Collegerama, the second is to follow one course and self-study the other one.

Enrol for Courses
You can enrol for courses on Brightspace once your registration at TU Delft is completed. Login with your NetID and password. Check out the course catalogue ('Catalog') and enrol for your preferred courses.
Once you are enrolled in the courses you will be able to access study material and get notifications. Most courses are open for exchange students, but make sure to check that before enrolling. Furthermore, there is usually no maximum limit of students that can enrol in the course unless stated otherwise.

Register for Exams
Make sure to register for your exams on Osiris. You can register from 56 calendar days up to 14 calendar days before the start of the relevant exam. With this registration, you reserve a seat in the exam hall. For more information click here.


Students who want to come to Aerospace Engineering to do just their thesis are considered ‘guest researchers’ and follow this administrative route. You have to find a supervisor by yourself and register directly at the department. Students who wish to do supplementary research while on exchange need to contact the Exchange Office of the Faculty.

Academic Calendar

Semester 1: First week of September – last week of January
Semester 2: Second week of February – first week of July (Resits for the second period of this semester are in August)

Click here for the Academic Calendar.

Credits and Assessment

TU Delft uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) employed by all universities in the European Union. One ECTS credit is equal to a study load of 28 hours (including lectures, laboratory hours and selfstudy hours); 60 ECTS credits represent one year of full-time study.

In general courses are assessed by an exams at the end of the period (about 7-9 weeks). However, some courses have different assessment methods (assignments, homework, practicals, etc.) throughout the duration of the course. Check the studyguide for specifications. 

Language Requirements

Please check the TU Delft language requirements here.

Admission and Application

Exchange students can apply online. Instructions are available at online application incoming exchange students. Your application will be sent to our Exchange Office, who will case manage your it. After the application deadline it usually takes 4 till 6 weeks to receive your admission letter from TU Delft via email. In some instances, depending on subject or faculty requirements, it may take longer. Follow the instructions in the email to accept your offer. Please note that your application will only be processed after you have uploaded all the required documents.
The application deadlines are April 1st for the Fall semester and October 1st for the Spring semester.

Services for Exchange Students

For more information regarding Visa, Housing, Insurance and Scholarships, please check the following website