Binding recommendation (BSA)

All Bachelor programmes at TU Delft are subject to a binding recommendation on the continuation of studies (BSA). Normally this means that you must obtain at least 75% of your credits in the first academic year in order to continue your degree programme, this is 45 ECTS. If you fail to achieve this norm, your registration for the programme will be terminated and you will not be allowed to register for the same programme for four years. By exception for this academic year 2021-2022 only, the standard for the binding recommendation on the continuation of studies (BSA) has been lowered from 45 EC to 39 EC.

Postponement in case of extenuating circumstances

If you are unable to meet the progress requirements due to extenuating circumstances, for example illness or unexpected family or personal circumstances, it might be possible to request for postponement BSA. It is important to report these circumstances as soon as possible when they occur to the academic counsellors and to consult on your options. If you do not report the circumstances timely, this may affect the outcome of your request.

See BSA Postponement ( for all information the grounds/ extenuating circumstances for which postponement can be requested.

See Hearing and Appeal ( for all information on the application procedure for the upcoming BSA hearing

If you think you might be a suitable candidate for a postponement, then visit the academic counsellors as soon as possible to further discuss your situation in order to limit the impact on your studies, to discuss your study plans and start with preparing your request timely.

Consultation with the academic counsellors

During summer, you can best visit the open office hours first, if necessary they can plan in a follow-up appointment with you. See the 2022 summer open office hours availability schedule of the academic counsellors on Brightspace Students Aerospace Engineering.

Declaration academic counsellor

Part of the postponement request is the ‘declaration from your academic counsellor’: please note this must be the last item of your file to collect and can only be drafted after your personal statement and the supportive statements (if applicable) have been shared with your academic counsellor by e-mail to

Deadlines BSA hearing

After you have spoken to an academic counsellor and you will request for a postponement, the following deadlines apply in the following order:

Deadlines supporting statements   If you need a statement from a student doctor (SGZ) or student psychologist you have to be on time. Please note that the application deadline for a supportive statement is the 5th of August 2022 at the latest. For more information read the following webpage: Supportive statements (
Deadline declaration academic counsellor  16 August 2022 = all application documents including other supportive statements need to be completed and forwarded to for the academic counsellors to be able to fill out the declaration form
Deadline submission postponement BSA

18 August 2022 at the latest 23:59 PM = You can send your request for postponement to: Important note: we would like to kindly ask you to submit the postponement request in English.

Hearings BSA committee      22th and 23th of August 2022 

Please note that the timeframe of this procedure is very concise and strict; it is important to start timely with your request.

How does a BSA hearing work?

During this short meeting the BSA-committee members will ask you some questions to get a clear picture on your situation in order to make a well-founded decision based on your personal input and your documentation. An academic counsellor and the secretary of the committee will also be present.

See for more information about the required documentation.