There may be personal circumstances that may adversely affect your study results. You must inform your academic counsellor about these circumstances as soon as they occur. Together with the academic counsellor, you will discuss whether these circumstances may affect your study results in the first year. You may be referred to a university doctor or psychologist. The academic counsellor may also advise you on your decision to request a postponement from your faculty’s BSA committee. 

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Application postponement of the BSA

Postponement of the BSA can be requested on the grounds of the following personal circumstances (Please note: Personal circumstances do not, however, automatically lead to postponement of the BSA!):

  • Illness (including mental health problems)
  • Pregnancy
  • Physical, sensory or other functional disability
  • Exceptional family circumstances
  • Falling behind in studies as a result of the way in which the institute organised the programme
  • Membership of an administrative body (Student Council, Faculty Student Council, Board of Studies, or of a student association recognised by the Graduation Support Scheme) 
  • Late registration for studies (after 30 September)
  • Top-class sports activities with TUD top-class sport status TU Delft top-level athlete status

Check the deadlines for submitting your request! There are deadlines both for requesting postponement from the BSA committee and for requesting a declaration from the university doctor and/or psychologist.

Postponing the BSA means that you will not receive a BSA at the end of your first academic year: it will be postponed until the end of the following academic year in which you are again enrolled for the same studies. Postponement means that, in the following academic year, you will once again have to obtain 45 ECTS from the first year of your studies, and that the ECTS already obtained in the previous academic year will not count towards the BSA standard. If you obtained more than 15 ECTS in the first academic year, then this academic year you must obtain all remaining ECTS from the first year of your studies in order to fully complete that year.

Requests for postponing the BSA on the grounds of personal circumstances can be submitted to your faculty’s BSA committee at any time during the academic year, but no later than June 14, 2024. You will be informed by e-mail of the Dean's decision on whether to postpone the BSA.

The BSA committee of your faculty meets at least twice per academic year:

  • Around 1 May (deadline for submitting requests: April 10, 2024)
  • Around 1 July (deadline for submitting requests: June 14, 2024)

The following documents must be submitted in support of your application for postponement of the BSA. Make sure that all documents scanned are delivered in one PDF file, otherwise BSA committee will not take your request into consideration.

  • Request form
  • A personal statement in which you explain the extent to which your personal circumstances have hindered your studies and during which period
  • Overview of your academic progress
  • A declaration from your academic counsellor
  • If relevant: a declaration from the TU Delft university doctor and/or student psychologist and/or TU top-level sports coordinator. If you need a declaration from a psychologist, please submit your application as soon as possible. For the deadlines for applying for a declaration and for the information you will need to provide, please visit this website.
  •  If you suffer from (chronic) disabilities, you should draw up a realistic study plan for the second year in consultation with your academic counsellor or student counsellor, based on your anticipated study capacity. This study plan (specifying the names of courses and number of ECTS credits) must be signed by yourself and by the academic counsellor, and submitted along with the other documents with your request for postponement of the BSA.