Hearing and Appeal

At the beginning of August, you will receive either a definitive BSA or a proposed negative BSA. If you have received a proposed negative BSA, but you disagree with the decision, you can register for a hearing with the BSA committee. During this hearing you can explain why you think you should not receive a negative BSA.

The hearings for the academic year 2023-2024 will take place from 19 unttill 22 August 2024. You must register for this hearing. This is possible from 8 August  2023 to 15 August  2024 via the registration form. On the registration form you will also find information about the hearing procedure.

If you don't register for a hearing, you cannot be heard.

After the BSA committee has heard you, you will receive the final BSA from the dean of your faculty within a few days. If your objection is recognised by the BSA committee, you will receive postponement of the BSA and you can register for a new academic year. If you have received a positive BSA, you can register for the new academic year. If you have received a negative BSA, you can appeal against this to the Board of Appeal for Exams.

Registration Form

Registration Form 2023-2024, not yet available