AE Mentor Alumni Programme (MAP)

Start mapping your future!

Are you not sure what you would like to do after your studies? Where to work? Do you know what your dream career is, but are you not sure how to get there? Or, would you just like some advice on what courses to take? Get help from Aerospace Engineering alumni and register for the AE Mentor Alumni Programme. 

MAP aims to connect aerospace students to alumni who can support them with professional guidance and career advice. MAP offers more than a mentor-mentee relationship, it also provides a community with numerous possibilities for networking and career development. 

Programme facts

  • For all TU Delft AE students from 2nd year BSc to final year MSc
  • 5-month long programme from March - July and October – February
  • Student-alumni matches are based on shared interests and motivation
  • Contact with your alumnus mentor can take place in person, or via phone/Skype calls, and is initiated by you. MAP recommends a minimum of 2 contact hours per month
  • If there are more students than mentors, the matches will be made on a “first come first served” principle


Register by filling in the digital registration form:

In addition to filling out the registration form, you are required to provide an outline of your objectives for the programme. These objectives (max 1 A4) must contain your goals, what you expect from the programme and how think you can get the most out of it. This document will serve as a starting point for discussion with your mentor. Besides the registration form, we also need your MAP objectives in order to match you to a mentor. Start mapping your future and register for MAP!

Please contact if you have any questions. 

Mechteld van Beijeren – Alumni Relations Coordinator AE