Evaluation of education

The faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) considers the quality of education an important subject. That is why the faculty uses a system for quality management, containing various means to monitor and safe guard the quality of education.

Results of previous evaluative activities can be seen by students and employees of the TU Delft. They can be found on Brightspace. Click on the button below to go the results on Brightspace.

System for quality management

When the education programs were created, the quality objectives of these curricula have been formulated. Those objectives are translated into quality guidelines. Then, the information needed to monitor the quality of education is set down.

Consequently, the actions that are necessary for the improvement of the quality can be taken once the outcomes of the various measurements have been analysed. 

This way, the cycle of quality mangement is put into action, as is shown here: 

For further information on the system for quality management of the faculty of IDE, please contact the educational advisor or the student assistants

Quality Measurement Instruments IDE

IDE applies several instruments to monitor the quality of education. Like course evaluation, panel evaluation and time registration study.

Beside this, the faculty uses external researches like National Student Enquete (NSE) and the Alumni-enquete.

Results quality assurance activities

Each year, we publish a general overview of the results of that particular year.