An exploration of Drive-by-Wire (DbW) technology for two-wheeled vehicles. The DbW technology is a relatively new technology in the automotive industry enabling improvement in safety, comfort and ergonomics. From a design point of view DbW gives flexibility in vehicle design.

Goals of the project

  1. The development of a flat universal platform in combination with different electric drive trains, which is particularly useful for scooter manufacturers and results in cost reductions both for manufacturers and customers

  2. Apply the advantages of DbW technology to two-wheel vehicles

  3. Create opportunities for developers and designers. DbW combined with electric drive trains also offer the opportunity to create entirely new upper body designs, Two earlier versions were developed by Wilmer van Kampen and Gijsbert de Kam as master graduation projects

  4. Helps as a carrier and demonstrator in order to address future mobility needs because it offers flexibility, manoeuvrability and a zero emission drive train 



  • Sacha Silvester 
  • Ir. Satish Kumar Beella