Encouraging social interaction of isolated children in the hospital

KonneKt is a modular game which can be played on the windows of hospital isolation rooms. Children can participate in a game from opposite sides of the glass. Due to the modular nature of the set, many different types of games can be played. 

Goals of the project

The goal of this project was to support the social development of isolated children in child cancer hospitals by bringing them into contact with other children in the hospital.

In interviews with children three play types were found: adventurers, gamers and tinkerers. To support each of these play types, an ambiguous game, which could be played on the window to the hallway, was developed: KonneKt. The game consists of shapes which can be attached to the window. Different meanings can be attributed to the shapes. For example, existing games such as chess can be played with KonneKt, but a tinkerer could build fantasy worlds and adventurers could build an obstacle court.

KonneKt enables isolated children to stay connected to the other children in the hospital, and even to play with them!

Graduate student