The case of electric sailing


Transitions refer to broad technical and social changes in the way societal functions, such as food or transport, are fulfilled. Sustainable transitions aim to direct these changes towards solutions that improve the environmental, social en financial impact of everyday practices. For this project we will look at the recreational boat industry. In this case electric boats are seen as a promising solution for reaching a more sustainable system.  

Goals of the project

The introduction of electric boats does not only involve changes in technology but also adaptations of social aspects of the current system of recreational sailing. In order for it to be a success the required social and technical changes need to be mapped. The objectives of this project are: (a) to determine what factors influence the acceptance and adoption of electric boats by consumers and investigate which of these factors are crucial for successful transition to electric sailing; (b) to define the relevant stakeholders, their role and interests, involved in the transition; (c) determine the technical consequences and requirements of a transition for both boats and charging infrastructure, (d) and the way in which solar power can be integrated.