Urban Mobility Concept

The Urban Mobility Concept (UMC) is an innovative mobility concept; characteristics of the UMC include its suitability for short distance travel, fold-up functionality, for easy transport by train and the possibility to use it on public roads (in contrast to current fold-up/compact solutions).

Goals of the project

  1. As an alternative to the car, and in combination of car or public transport, it improves air quality and accessibility in urban areas
  2. Solution for the two important problems confronted by municipalities and businesses: traffic jams and local emissions (air quality)
  3. To play a crucial role in urban mobility services and white vehicle systems
  4. Helps as a carrier and demonstrator in order to address future mobility needs because it offers flexibility, portability, manoeuvrability and a zero emission drive train 


  • Ir. Satish Kumar Beella
  • Dr.ir. Sacha Silvester
  • Prof. Dr. ir. Han Brezet


  • Mobiliteitsmanagement (SenterNovem)
  • Cartesius Institute, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands