Wearable trainer for artistic gymnastics

A self standing leotard that helps gymnasts optimizing their posture


This project is a case study focused on finding out an optimal way of integrating ubiquitous computing technologies into an unobtrusive wearable appliance. This appliance will assist beginning artistic gymnasts during their overall practice to improve performance. 

Goals of the project

The wearable trainer is a self-standing leotard that corrects the position of some of the critical core points that influence balance keeping: Shoulders, gluteus, abdomen and back. The technology is fully embedded in the stretch fabric to ensure maximum comfort while practicing gymnastics. Four stretch sensors are located on shoulders, abdomen and gluteus and one bend sensors is located on the lower back. Vibrating actuators provide correctional feedback. By comparing a basic set of body parameters in rest with the current active set of parameters the wearable trainer gives feedback when threshold values are exceeded.