A new yoga experience

Goals of the project

Providing the user with a new yoga experience and enabling the user to transform every place into the perfect yoga environment. The lights enrich the zen-experience by setting a relaxed atmosphere and supporting the user with light feedback. Yi is designed for those who have prior experience with performing yoga and are familiar with yoga poses. 

  • Atmosphere: candle light simulation creates a calm experience and gives this relaxing atmosphere when meditating;
  • Breathing: variation in light intensity and shape supports the user of being in control of their breathing;
  • Guidance: lines and shapes of light guide the user in performing poses and show the user when balance is found.

Graduate students

  • E.M.H. Houwen
  • Emma Heitbrink
  • Lexi LIN
  • Louis Brouwers
  • N.A. Priem
  • P.H.T. Groenendaal