How can new technologies may enrich our everyday lives and how can they be embodied in a meaningful way? With the Future Interactions game we have created a board game to explore the social value of new technologies.

The aim of the game is to conjure future interactions by using our imagination and creativity, and to reflect on the possibilities and challenges that these futures impose upon our everyday lives. Physical playing cards are used to help conjure these future interactions in an experiential manner. Cards are split into technology, application and interaction cards. Technology cards provide a set of emerging technologies. Application cards provide domains in which technologies can be have an impact while interaction cards provide directions for how interactions can unfold.

Outreach / Activity

Fostering the development of children with cancer
DRIVE Festival , Eindhoven, Oct 21st, 2015


Meedoen = Groeien!
Funded by the Vriendenloterij

Graduate students

  • Mirsaeid Mousavi (Politecnico di Milano)