Improvement of sound quality of drip filter coffeemakers

Embodiment Design through Sound Design

Sound is often a neglected experiential features if product are designed. Especially, the sounds that are a consequence of working of a product, e.g., shavers, toothbrushes, coffeemakers. In this project, the experience of sound is used to improve of a dripfilter coffeemaker. 

Goals of the project

The ultimate to obtain a perceptual model that can predict the consequence of changing features in the embodiment of products. To achieve this goal knowledge is obtained through experiments that yield insights how constructive aspects contribute to the radiated sound. In this specific case several design solutions were obtained to improve the experience of dripfilter coffeemakers. An additional goal is educational. By deconstructing appliances and recording, analysing and perceptually evaluating the sounds of the contributing constructive parts, students learn the working mechanisms and embodiment of a product much better than only a deconstruction.