Digital Manufacturing

IDE Design Master Class for Professionals

Making sense of disruptive technologies for design

Digital manufacturing, such as 3D printing, is a collection of disruptive technologies that is changing our daily lives. This trend requires new skills, based on a deep understanding of the interaction of the digital and the physical in design.


In this Master Class, professional designers and engineers explore enabling technologies (soft and hardware), and learn to recognize best practices in academia and industry. Example cases are presented and IDE alumni give practical advice. Finally, participants apply the gained knowledge in a design challenge.

Learning Objectives

During this master class you will:

  • learn the workflow of digital manufacturing: from scanning & modelling to visualisation & 3D printing;
  • study high-tech solutions that 3D printing enables;
  • investigate business and innovation opportunities of Digital Manufacturing and the emergence of the maker movement;
  • understand the digital design tools with their capabilities and pitfalls;
  • explore parameterised and multi-material models.


  • Lectures on digital manufacturing aspects (products, production systems, markets);
  • Hands-on colstructions to explore enabling solutions and best practices;
  • Learning by doing: a design challenge, with the ability to use our state-of-the-art lab facilities. To guarantee a successful experience, we will connect each group to a top-modelling student.


Jouke Verlinden

Jouke Verlinden is Associate Professor Augmented Fabrication at the Faculty of Design Sciences at University of Antwerp and at IDE, TU Delft. He is a pioneering researcher in human-centred digital fabrication.


9:00Welcome  and coffee
9:30Introduction and overview
Presentation of the aim and structure of the course, expectations and backgrounds of the participants.
10:00Lecture - Introduction to Digital Manufacturing
Presentation of industrial context, recent developments in enabling technologies and paradigms.
11:00Hands-on 1 - 3D scanning and reverse engineering for designers
Lecture and hands-on practice on the essence of digitalisation
12:30Maker Lunch
Meet & greet researchers on digital fabrication in Delft
Foundational Lab/Industrial Design Engineering
13:30Interlude - cultural heritage and digital manufacturing
Presentation of a case study that underlines the impact of new technologies and the value of authenticity.
14:00Design Challenge
Group forming and expressing a digital fabrication design challenge, to be addressed in the subsequent course modules.
16:00Hands-on 2 - examining customisable products
Anatomical lessons of human-centered parametric designs: examining case studies and tutorials (using either Solidworks or Rhino&Grasshopper)
17:30End of the first day
9:30Lecture - turning digital fabrication in business models
Guest lecture (speaker t.b.d.) Cloud manufacturing, smart industries.
10:00Hands-on 3 - Advanced Engineering Solutions
Modelling/optimizing structures and multimaterials (SolidThinking/Monolith)
11:00Design Challenge #2
Preparing digital models and structures (with assistance from top-modelling students). Prepare for manufacturing.
at the Porceleyne Fles
14:00Interlude - back to the future
Principles and applications of workflow optimization, providing a reasoning framework and off-the-shelf tools for (co)production. How to tackle reliability/certification challenges.
15:30Design Challenge finalization
Execution of the fab challenge: access to workshop facilities.
Presentations and take home message (includes drinks)
till 17:30

Practical Information

How to prepare?
Preparation for this master class includes preparing a personal introduction, bringing a domain to the class and reading one/two papers. Instructions will be send about one week before the workshop. The preparation will take approximately four hours. The preparation material will be sent as a PDF by email.

Books and materials
Participants will receive the course reader at the beginning of the course. All materials provided are included in the fee.

After the course
Two months after the course, a pre-set consultation timeslot will be offered to all participants to share experiences and ask questions to the IDE Master Class. The format and the timing will be discussed with the participants during the IDE Master Class.