Thing-Centered Design / AI and More-than-Human Design

Designing and innovating in the connected everyday

As objects around us begin to collect data and make suggestions about what might be desirable, it is possible that they may even be able to design things that we could never think of. Thing-Centered Design is a new way of researching and designing that looks into the creative possibilities of the Internet of Things.


Designers need to exercise and practice the principles of a technology before they can actually design with it. To this end, this Master Class offers professional designers a mix of inspirational lectures, experimental tools, and workshop sessions that will help them design from a thing-centered perspective.

Learning Objectives

During this master class you will:

  • understand what a 'thing' is in contemporary design practice (formerly known as product or service);
  • understand how a thing-centered design offers additional resources to human imagination and capabilities;
  • apply thing-centered tools and techniques to involve non-human actors in the design process as co-ethnographers and co-designers;
  • select and devise thing-centered tools an techniques in design practice.


  • Thing-centered theory
  • Models, methods and tools of thing-centered design
  • Cases and examples of thing-centered design