User-centered Innovation

Almost every company claims to be user-centered. But when you look closely, are they really? Is that user-centered process executed just as beautifully as it is written down?


You can learn about user-centered design anywhere. Online, from books, at university. In theory. What they usually don’t tell you is that when you engage in user-centered innovation you will run into numerous barriers.

This Master Class is for design and innovation professionals who are interested in going beyond ‘doing user-centered design’, to being a user-centered organization. In real life, not on paper.The curriculum balances principles and practice. Understanding principles helps you to get a better grip on practice: ‘nothing is quite as practical as a good theory’. On the other hand, attention is paid to what is needed to successfully apply these principles in practice.


  • Gain in-depth insight into the principles of user-centered innovation
  • Learn about barriers and enablers in user-centered innovation practice
  • Identify barriers and enablers for user-centered innovation in your organization
  • Create an action plan for dealing with these barriers and enablers


  • Short lectures: these provide you with principles and theories relevant to user-centered design that provide you with a better in-depth understanding of practice.
  • Discussions: you will be accompanied by a great amount of experienced design and innovation professionals, let’s hear what they have to say on the matter.
  • Exercises: throughout the master class you will apply your new insights in exercises that take the situation at your company as a starting point.
  • Guest lecture: an experienced user researcher consultant will give a presentation on how to effectively communicate the results of user research.
  • A workbook: provides all important models, templates, visualizations and exercises as reference material.


Jasper van Kuijk

Jasper van Kuijk is assistant professor in user-centered innovation, studying how user-centered design (UCD) is dealt with in the practice of product-service innovation. He is coordinator of the OV-chipkaart Graduation Lab, supervises development of the UCDtoolbox, and teaches the principles and application of user-centered design in courses at IDE and at the Institute of Design Knowledge in Hong Kong. Recently he was editor of Design for Usability: Methods & Tools, a practitioner-centered overview of the results of the Design for Usability project.