Previous Start-up Voucher winners

Bonanza provides a cloud-native platform for airlines to improve their Distribution and Revenue Optimization capabilities. They also offer consulting services to assist airlines in their digital transformation and cloud-migration projects.

In the Retail and Distribution area, Bonanza's focus is on New Distribution Capabilities (NDC, an IATA API standard to ease the travel distribution ecosystem), enabling airlines to distribute their products more effectively to their travel partners. Another key area is Revenue Management, where Bonanza proposes an innovative solution giving revenue analysts better insights on airline operations and performance. is very pleased to integrate in the Aerospace Innovation Hub. The voucher will enable them to kick-start the development of the ecosystem and supporting AI models, and will also finance cloud certifications.


Reef Support

The mission of Reef Support is to capture commitments and practical actions, and to bring together the key players needed for this. Despite occupying less than 1% of the ocean’s surface, coral reefs support around a quarter of known marine species, including more than 4000 species of fish and 7000 species of coral, with an estimated worth of US$9.9 trillion to the human economy. We believe monitoring technology only goes so far without the adoption of practical steps; the solutions thus lie in the strength of the space as well as the blue community. 

We are very grateful to have been selected for the Aerospace Start-up Voucher and excited to continue this ambitious journey with our mentor Victor Rijkaart. 



In the New Space - era of miniaturization of space hardware and private companies at the forefront of space exploration - nanosat developers face the challenge of limited power budget. We propose REVOLV, a plug-n-play subsystem with dedicated embedded and ground support software allowing to maximize power supply while giving the mission operations teams more control over orbital lifetime. In the current booming space market, we expect to find a niche with great demand for decoupling of power intake and attitude control. As senior year Master students in Space Engineering, we are hopeful that with this product we will enter the job market with a bang.

LinkedIn: revolv-space


Essentially, the product of SolvGE concentrates Hydrogen Peroxide. One of the many uses of this concentrated peroxide is its use in propulsion systems. But also, it can be used for paper manufacturing and electronics manufacturing.

SolvGE’s Hydrogen Peroxide Printer product can concentrate H2O2 on-site and on-demand, from 10%, all the way up to 99.9% with a period of 23 hours. It is no longer needed to transport this energetic and green chemical, and no more waiting time. The product ensures user safety as it does not require any heat or pressure and can passively concentrate H2O2 without any user monitoring.