TU Delft Start-up companies

The faculty of Aerospace Engineering has been very successful the last 15 years in generating Start-up companies.

The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering is the birthplace of many ideas for innovation. We stimulate our students and staff to transfer technology to the market. Here you can find remarkable examples of Start-up companies providing benefits around the world—saving energy, creating jobs, preserving resources, and more.

Start-up companies are important partners for the Faculty because they often help to further develop a specific technical and commercial field of expertise. For example, if there had not been so many companies in the mid-1990s that worked with and developed  thermoplastic composite materials, then there would now probably not be as much (ca. 6000 kg) of this material processed in the Airbus A380. What is striking is that almost every chair knows a number of Start-up companies, but the main focus is in the materials. In addition, the starters are also the employers of the future for the current students. Collectively the Start-up companies are good for more than 500 jobs.