Delfi‑PQ is a triple-unit PocketQube. With a mass of 0.6 kg and orbit average power of 1 Watt, it is much smaller than its predecessors. It is the start of a iteratively developed line of PocketQubes with the aim to enable new and unforeseen missions with distributed networks of PocketQubes. Delfi‑PQ consists of a core platform which secures basic functionalities which will iteratively evolve over time. Advanced subsystems as well as payloads will be developed as separate projects using a standard interface specification. The final configuration of the satellite will remain open until the assembly just before launch.

Delfi‑PQ is expected to be launched in 2019 on the Vector‑R maiden flight. After its launch we expect to launch its successor within a year.

Click the links below for more detailed information on the satellite, the core subsystems and the potential advanced subsystems and payload:



Defence and Space Netherlands contributes with thermal and mechanical expertise and develops a thermal payload for integration on Delfi‑PQ or its successor.

Alba Orbital

is a partner in the environment test campaign and launch preparations and shares their deployer (AlbaPOD).

Vector Launch Systems

provides the launch on their Vector‑R maiden flight.


ITP Engines UK

has sponsored with software licences for the ESATAN Thermal Modelling Suite.