Public Resources

TU Delft offers several documents, software and engineering files for free to the PocketQube and CubeSat community.

TU Delft is developing (together with partners) standards for PocketQubes and CubeSats based.

PQ9 and CS14 Interface Standard
This standard specifies an electrical and mechanical interface between PocketQube and CubeSat subsystems respectively. It is a lean variant to versatile standards and it is based on long term research.

The PocketQube Standard
This standard specifies mechanical interfaces, constraints and regulations for PocketQubes with respect to launch and the launch canister. It is developed in collaboration with Alba Orbital and GAUSS.

TU Delft has the intention to release part of its software, electrical designs and test interfaces to the general public under creative commons license. Final decisions and a structured approach is still pending. At this moment only a limited ad-hoc set of software and design drawings can be found at:

Delfi‑C3 Paper Model

You can make your own paper model of Delfi-C3.

Satellite Image Sets

Here you can find image sets of the Delfi satellites. They can be used by anyone with appropriate attribution (CC-BY).