Here you find an overview of the various support services offered by the TU Delft. Donโ€™t hesitate to reach out if you feel in need of any support with regard to your mental health and wellbeing at work: these people are there to help you! If you are unsure which service is best suited to your needs, you can contact the Faculty Graduate School of Aerospace Engineering at to help in directing you to the right service.

Who? For what? How?
PhD Senior Companion Practical and more informal questions, support during the initial phase of the PhD, social connections. Contact the PhD council for more information:
Mentor Sounding board for work-related queries and issues that the PhD does not want to discuss with the supervisory team. The mentor can inform, provide advice, reassure and refer the PhD candidate, if necessary. Contact your mentor via e-mail. If you are unsure who your mentor is, you can contact the Faculty Graduate School via

External University Social Worker:

Lianne Kappert

Contact for external coaching and support about work, career or personal challenges. Could be any topic, including things like a perceived excessive workload, reduced ability to perform, sleep issues, reintegration after absence, and personal issues (not psychological).

By phone: 06-18730436

By email: or

External certified psychologist of the OpenUp organization OpenUp offers easy and unlimited access to certified psychologists. Any topic can be discussed, no waiting times, no referral needed and no cost to you. Consultations are available in more than 17 languages. In addition, you have unlimited access to a wide range of self-help materials to work on your mental wellbeing independently, such as questionnaires, masterclasses, courses, articles and more. Access OpenUp via their website: You can book a session directly via the button "Book session". Self-help materials are available under "How to Open Up>Spaces & Self-guided care"
Workload and Vitality Coach Coaches you when you are struggling with your current workload, (the transition to) online working, and difficulties in maintaining your resilience and vitality. The coach offers up to 3 online coaching calls to help you.

Register by sending an email to

Please mention in the email which coach you would prefer, you can find more info here.

University Health Services Doctor:
Dorit Lademacher, MD

Contact if you are dealing with work-related physical and/or mental health problems and want assistance and advice.

Offers preventive advice, preventive medical examinations, and sick leave-related counselling. Can refer you to other specialists if necessary.

By phone: +31 15 278 3624

By email:

TU Delft confidential advisors Contact for issues relating to academic integrity, social integrity, and organisational integrity. The confidential advisors will listen, refer (if necessary), and offer support and advice. By e-mail: find more information on the team of internal confidential advisors here.
External confidential counsellor Carin van der Hor Contact when you want a listening ear in the case of encountering undesirable behaviour (bullying, aggression, intimidation) in the workplace. Cannot mediate between different parties in work conflicts. Does not engage in official investigations.

By phone: +31640016234

By email: 

Ombuds Officer Birgitte Peters

Contact when you want advice on dilemmas or conflicts related to the work sphere. Possible issues include inappropriate behaviour, administrative integrity, conflicts of interest, and neglect of duty.

Independent officer, is bound by confidentiality. Takes an impartial stance and has the right to conduct investigations. Mediation is at the core of her job, though if the employee does not want this, the ombuds officer records the report. If multiple reports are filed on the same issue, the ombuds officer takes action on her own initiative (with the privacy of the reporters ensured).

By phone: +31 15 278 5439

By email:

Integrity Roadmap TU Delft The Integrity Roadmap for Staff lays out the various pathways to getting any help you might need regarding integrity matters. Check out the TU Delft webpages on Integrity Policy and the Integrity Roadmap.