MSc Programme

The department Space Engineering is responsible for the MSc track Space Flight. This MSc track is offered to a range of graduates that are looking for an academic program that prepares them well for an exciting career in the international space sector covering Earth observation to planetary exploration, launch vehicles, satellites and constellations of satellites. The Space Flight Master track offers a common core building your understanding of space engineering and space exploration, and allows you to specialize in one of two profiles, both related to the specific expertise of the department. The first MSc year is essentially focused on courses and the literature study, whereas in the second year you will do your internship and thesis project (the order of literature study and internship can be reversed).



Master Track Coordinator

K.J. (Kevin) Cowan, MSc MBA

Profile Spaceflight Dynamics P.N.A.M. (Pieter) Visser

Profile Space Engineering

Profile Planetary Exploration

Dr. S.J. (Sebastiaan) de Vet